Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our academic options, programs, enrollment process, and more.

What are the benefits of enrolling my child in your programs?

Are Little Me’s full-year programs accredited by DepEd? Yes. You can view our official accreditation documentation here.

What learning materials will my child receive or use? Are there any tech requirements?

Are there materials and school supplies that I need to buy? To foster a rich learning environment for your preschooler, basic supplies like coloring materials, pens, construction paper, glue, scissors, playdough, safe finger paints, popsicle sticks, drawing book, and a notebook are needed. For Grade 1 to Grade 12, familiarity with house supplies is enough because lessons and units are tailored to use whatever is available. We will let you know at least 2 weeks ahead if other materials will be extremely necessary.

Will Little Me provide for the gadget/ tablet of the Grade 4-Grade 12 students enrolled in Face-to-Face Classes? If necessary, yes, but with this pandemic, centralizing supplies is not a good idea. We strongly encourage each family to provide one for your child. However, if a family insists for LMA’s assistance, we can help, but we need a payment and a lead notice of month to ensure availability of supplies.

For the programs that aren’t face-to-face, do I need to have a designated “at-home classroom”? If possible yes, with a neutral background to preserve the privacy of your location, but if not, a quiet corner away from distractions is enough for now up until a special place is needed as the class progresses.

Will we wear school uniforms? Only those who will avail of our face-to-face classes will be required to wear uniforms. They can purchase uniforms from us.

How will class schedules look like?

Will there be free trial classes for trainings/orientations for parents/families and students? We give summer classes at 50% off every year if you enroll in our program early. We have designed trainings and orientations for families and students in all programs as well.

When is the enrollment period and how do I enroll? Enrollment is ongoing for our full-year academic options and enrichment programs. More detailed instructions can be found in our enrollment page.

How much will each program cost me? Do I need to make full payments?

What happens if I do not pay on time? The school fees are used for the smooth operations of the school to include maintenance fees, salaries, development, research, training, association memberships and representations, and other incidental costs that allow us to provide optimum service to every child. Hence, when payments are not made on due dates, learning materials that are due on those dates will not be released as well as assessments and exams will not be cleared and conducted. Further, online services will also be suspended 3 days after due date without prior notice as this access will be automated by our Learning Management System provider. We will, however, send electronic payment reminders 2 weeks prior to due dates.

Can my child switch programs in the middle of the year? Yes, provided that: a) he/she is eligible to switch as we validate reasons, b) slots are still open, c) you are willing to pay for the tuition difference plus a P2,000 admin fee, d) if done only on or before the 1st quarter closes.

Can I withdraw my registration? Yes, but earlier than one week before classes open. This is because of our limited class size. To illustrate, if classes begin on June 16, you can withdraw on or before June 9 with a 30% administrative fee computed against our mandatory downpayment. Otherwise, all payments are considered non-refundable and non-transferable.

Will there still be completion, recognition, and graduation ceremonies? At this time, DepEd has already announced that gatherings, competitions, and other events where people meet and converge are definitely prohibited. However, completion, recognition, and graduation certificates, awards, progress reports, parent-teacher conferences can still proceed online.

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