Our Curriculum

With our world-class curriculum and 21st century learning equipment, we ensure holistic growth in academics, extra curriculars, spirituality, and emotional wellness.

Quintet of Glee

Communicate • Challenge • Care • Create • Connect

The Quintet of Glee comprises the core academic skills we nurture in every student, from preschool through high school, and beyond. Little Me-ans communicate their ideas and feelings effectively in English and Filipino. They challenge ideas and their own capacities through Mathematics and Computer Education. They care about themselves and their world through Social Studies, Religious Studies, and Values Education. They synthesize their learning and create new things through Science, Arts, and Technology & Livelihood Education. They connect with others through Health, Physical Education, and Music.

Quartet of Life

Love • Integrity • Faith • Excellence

These are the core values that we integrate into the whole school experience, including classroom activities, school events, and extra curricular programs. Grade School students undergo a special immersion project to cultivate these values into their lives. They start exploring and are required to commit to at least one extra curricular activity, ranging from creative and performative arts to math and entrepreneurship. By the end of sixth grade, students must present a thesis defending how they have exercised the core values through their school activity.

Triad of Mission

Time • Talent • Treasure

A student’s calling or career is the ultimate gift of their education: the ability to share their time, talents and skills, and resources, to benefit themselves and others. Little Me helps prepare them for this higher purpose. High School students are challenged to become leaders and actively map out their plan for success. They are required to take a leadership role in class, a club, and/or their community. This enables them to explore their interests and possible careers. We guide them through the whole process, facilitating self-reflection, leadership training, and internships. For their graduation project, high schoolers embark on a hands-on leadership project demonstrating their commitment to the Triad of Mission.

Learning Equipment


Little Me-ans create their own textbooks modeled after US- and Europe-based Interactive Notebooks, combined with other educational resources from around the world, and perfected by our administrators to work seamlessly with our academic programs.

  • Students learn how to synthesize and organize their thoughts
  • Multiple learning styles are accommodated
  • Student-teacher-parent interaction is built and strengthened
  • Teachers can easily track student performance and growth over time


We are the first school in Mindanao to use Japan-based e-learning platform Quipper in the classroom to increase student engagement and mastery. Our learners in grades 4-10 use Quipper through tablets provided by the school.

  • Lessons are game-ified and fun-filled
  • Study guides can be downloaded and accessed at any time
  • Student performance is easily trackable by teachers and family anywhere in the world

Little Me Academy has developed [my daughter’s] character, God-given talents, and English fluency. I’m happy that she’s growing up to be the best that she can be.


Enrollment Is Ongoing

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